Fight the Corruptive Influence of Money in Politics; these are three terms that naturally belong together. That is why, for many capitalist opponents, politicians are the quintessence of the wrong. As a representative of a state, however, it is important to have a genuine sovereignty and security. But this should not be done in splendor and glamor, but rather subtly.

Of states with a single person at the political point of view, this contradictory scenario is accustomed to the excessive display of wealth. Dictators, for example, build large statues and huge palaces to show how high they are above the normal population. In the Western culture, it is, therefore, important for every politician not to behave like this.


For Walfare of Poeple not For Politics

This is particularly difficult because politicians are the focus of the public and the gossip press is only waiting for a political representative to commit a defeat and live beyond the usual conditions for politicians. It is therefore also very critically observed when a representative of the state changes into the economy after his career to earn his money there. This is often seen as tactless, because the impression may arise that the politician had the money in his active time and not the welfare of the people.

Money in americal political campaigns

Especially in the upper economic circles, however, you can find many top managers who were previously in politics, such people are hired by the big corporations because they have good connections and can thus make an important contribution to the success of the group. However, this can also lead to problems if the group is based in a country that has differences with the country that the politician once represented. The politician then stands practically between the fronts and loses a little respect in his country. In America, there is also an ongoing debate on the question of whether regulations should be laid down here, which stipulate how long a politician has to wait to enter a large corporation after his active career and earn his money there.

Influence of money in politics – Corruption

Money is an important factor in an upcoming election. The parties use millions on advertising campaigns and the correct portrayal of their politicians. The public relations departments of the respective parties are therefore an important cornerstone in politics. They have to make sure that their party’s top candidate is good to the public, and so catches voices. There are huge posters printed with the portrait of the people with distinctive and catchy slogans. These posters are often disfigured or demolished by political opponents, so you have to invest more money to hang them up again. Thus the program of the party is brought up in a few words and pictures of the population. Television commercials are also a central instrument of this presentation.

Parties and their role in system of corruption

Parties turn their commercials in which they present themselves or even represent the political opponent negatively. Also, performances in TV or radio stations are used here. These commercials are extremely expensive because they always have to run at the prime time to reach as many people as possible. Also, the production of these commercials devours a lot of money. Large professional film teams will be hired, and a carefully drafted script will be put into action.

In addition to these modern advertising methods, there is also the traditional political campaign, which is often used by smaller parties with less budget. The party builds itself with an information stand at a central point in a city and is actively approaching the citizens. This is felt by much as obtrusive but still seems to be the most popular remedy. The party is thus also signaling proximity to the citizen and is tangible. One can therefore rightly say money plays an enormously important role in the political campaigns and parties set up their budget so that a large part is used for the campaign of the next election.